Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send Free Trial?

You can send Free trial from our Free Trial Form on our Website (imageclippingservice.com). You can also be submitting the free trial images via email.

Does PNG file contain a clipping Path?

No, PNG File doesn’t contain Path but keep Layers. JPEG contain Paths but not Layers. PSD and TIFF format contains both Layers and Paths.

Can I send RAW/NEF Pictures?

Yes, Send us any kind of Raw files/images. We are capable to work with any kind of File format.

Do you offer Monthly Payment?

Yes, for Regular Clients, we offer Monthly invoice facilities and monthly payment.

What about pricing?

Pricing is fixed depending on Image/Design complexity and amount. We offer Discount/Flat rate for bulk orders. For emergency delivery Price is a little high.

I need some other design service?

We have 50+ Designers team who are capable to create any kind of Design related tasks. Ask us what you have in mind. We are ready to assist you for any kind of assistance you need.

I do not have Photoshop? How do I use them?

If you are not used to with Photoshop software but need edited Images or Design to use, we can send you ready Images in JPEG format. You don’t need Photoshop to open them. If you need to edit Images, You must have Photoshop installed on your PC to open PSD, TIFF Files.

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